I’m Anne Sinopoli.
I create stability in evolving business.

I am a passionate change management leader and certified supply chain professional.  I enjoy engaging individuals to the business vision by connecting them to actionable goals.  I grew up working in the family auto business in rural Northern NY and now my work experience has spanned across nearly a dozen industries.  I am particularly skilled at entering new environments and adding value quickly.  I began my professional career in a results focused environment with high expectations – General Electric’s rotational leadership program.  Throughout the years I worked for GE I received 300 hours of international-world class training in: operational efficiency, leadership and communication, and business finance & supply chain strategy.  Since then I’ve continued my commitment to life long learning, additional coursework, and self-study.


Embrace Change, Not Chaos

Change is inevitable -chaos is not. A clear communication plan and engaging KPIs will keep an organization focused and committed to success.

Strengths Based Leadership

For a team to flourish each individuals’ strengths must be leveraged and their weaknesses minimized. This drives engagement and creates an environment of trust for healthy necessary conflict.

Finance is the Language of Business

I never lose sight of your bottom line goals. My key focus is translating those goals into engaging operational improvements.

There is No "Low Hanging Fruit"

Anything that could be considered low hanging fruit today is only within reach because of all the effort that came before. This will always be honored and respected.