Anne Sinopoli

Turnaround Services for Industrial Businesses

With a background in engineering, I am equally comfortable navigating the shop floor of heavy manufacturing facilities as I am guiding C-level executives through operational restructuring.  I simplify the complex challenges of pivoting a business to enable organizations to reach their goals.  I’ll leverage my experience from various industries to help you create stability in a dynamic environment.  

Change is inevitable, chaos is not. 


A business crisis brings clarity.

When you need effective recovery plans and a sense of stability during change, I can help you...


What People Are Saying

“We already had a robust metric scorecard but Anne was able to identify our most critical KPI’s to align each department. For us, defects had become our most significant barrier to success. Once she aligned everyone around that each department was able to tackle improvement projects and we saw drastic reduction in costs/claims which in turn improved customer experience.”

Jennifer Baily

“I attended a breakout session Anne led about team leadership and expectations for Union Pacific. Her public speaking skills and ability to engage with a room full of people are second to none.”

Brian Sanders

"I have worked with Anne in a variety of capacities over the years. She has a unique ability to identify individuals strengths and align teams to compliment one another. She is committed to ensuring the success of others and her belief that no one individual can be successful if the people around them are not."

Xiao (Helen) Liang, cscp

"Anne has a very methodical and analytical approach to creating or documenting processes. She created an interactive tracking process of maintenance procedures by adapting existing programs. What had been difficult to manage manage and schedule she organized with a system of accountability."

Erica Roberts, PMP

About Me

I’m Anne Sinopoli.
I get underperforming businesses back on track.

The only constant in business is change.  I identify “anchor points” to create a sense of stability.  I’ll map out a path to reach your goals and enable you to articulate a vision everyone will feel connected to with actionable KPIs. 

Finance is the language of business, but the story comes from the daily operations. Truly aligning all stakeholders around the right KPI's for your business is imperative for financial success.