Let's talk about pivoting.

Pivots come in all forms, but often they are preceded by crisis.  I provide interim operations leadership to get struggling businesses back on track.  I specialize in underperforming organizations that need to improve overall efficiency and cash flows.  Maybe you’re a young company graduating out of the start up phase and increasing your focus on margins.  Maybe you’re a seasoned business that has experienced a significant change in circumstances.  Maybe you took a chance on something that didn’t achieve the needed results.  

I get it, I’ve been there, and I can help you move forward. 

Main Services


Interim or Fractional COO Services

Translating financial goals in to operating goals can be difficult.  We can improve working capital, and cashflows by using lean  principles to improve operating efficiency.  I evaluate existing processes and find opportunities to improve safety, quality, and productivity.  If you’re in a difficult situation, I can provide the help you need to move forward. 


Change Management Consulting

Business leaders sometimes need someone to talk with to work out ideas, gain a new perspective, or navigate a challenge.  We can leverage my background and your expertise to ensure your vision has a strategy everyone can act on and feel connected to.  Change is inevitable, chaos is not. 


Supply Chain & Inventory Advisor

Inventory is cash – plain and simple.  Inventory carrying costs should be less than 20% to 30% of the value of the inventory, but it could be much higher.  I’ve spent most of my career focused in this area.  If you sense you’re leaving something on the table, give me a call and let’s make a strategy. 


Managing Operational Excellence

Underperforming performing businesses often have trouble executing set plans.  Middle management struggles to overcome day-to-day challenges while pivoting to the new strategy.  I am particularly skilled in crafting strategies that empower teams to deliver results.  If your business is struggling, I can help.

Areas of Specialty

Start up graduates


You’re a young company that has graduated out of the start up phase and you are increasing your focus on margin.  It’s time to prioritize efficiency and introduce Lean principles.  

New circumstances

Managing Change

You’re a seasoned business that has experienced a significant change in circumstances.  It’s critical to keep everyone on the same page as you pivot. 

Demand volatility

Scaling Capacity

Swings in demand are difficult for any business. The impact is felt across your supply chain and your team.  If you need to scale up or scale down I can help.

Facing Setback


You took a chance and it didn’t achieve the needed results.  Learning to “fail fast” is celebrated, but that doesn’t make it less difficult.  I understand & I can help you navigate this challenge.

“I am passionate about helping organizations make or execute tough decisions. Scaling back, downsizing, refocusing, or closures require as much strategy as any other phase of business. You, your team, and your customers deserve it. It's a critical time for your business and the future depends on how well this pivot is executed.”

Anne Sinopoli