Partner Services

HR Support for Your Operations Strategy

While many operational efficiencies can be gained though process improvements, some require more organizational alignment.  Megan’s background in organizational restructuring makes her a perfect partner for Rebutia Consulting.  Her HR services evaluate and mitigate risk to your business, while informing operational strategy.  Her combined experience in HR and operations makes her a valuable partner for the most complex projects.

I am passionate about connecting with people at all levels of the organization to align their talents with the business goals and culture. I guide business leaders through the difficulties of change with a people first mentality. I identify pain points and map out a strategy to successfully deliver results within operations while keeping HR & compliance at the forefront.




Outplacement & Transition

Sometimes you have to make the hard choice of saying goodbye to employees for a variety of reasons. How you reduce workforce or make changes in leadership is just as important as how you hire and is part of your workplace culture. If you need to make changes to your staff give me a call, I can guide difficult conversations and help provide cost-saving benefits to your company.


Proactive Org Planning

Growth is hard. Managing change effectively requires both clear strategy and effective communication.  While you’re keeping the day to day going, I will turn your vision in to a road map.  Imagine, strategic hiring with clearly defined roles, and advancement opportunities for your team.  From defining the initial scope to projecting the impact of the change, I’ll guide you through growing your team each step of the way.


Business Mentoring

Rules and regulations are changing constantly.  I focus on staying current and keeping you informed.  Leverage my experience navigating complex state laws across the country or industry specific regulations to ensure your business is current and compliant.  I maintain my Professional Society for HR Management certification and attend industry specific conferences to proactively prepare for change. Combining my background and your business expertise we can ensure your business manages risk appropriately.

Meet Megan Fagnani

With 10 years of HR and Operations experience under my belt, I’m confident that I can help improve relationships between employees and their employers.  I’ve worked within supply chain across multiple industries.  In each role I have served as both a leader and mentor for employees of all levels.  Leveraging my operations background, I begin by understanding the business goals and then I map out a HR strategy to support that; challenging the status quo of HR’s contribution to operational success.  This approach ensures the business strategy includes is well informed with appropriate risk mitigation.  Which, in turn, provides clear expectations across an organization and improving.